Hytera VM780 Body Camera and Push-to-Talk Radio

The Hytera VM780 body cam integrates a rugged body-worn camera with a Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) radio and remote speaker microphone to create a single video, voice, and data communications device.

The VM780 is a wearable camera that records and streams continuous video over nationwide cellular and Wi-Fi networks.

The VM780 bodycam also supports instant group calling between dispatch and other POC devices with clear audio using dual 1.5 Watt speakers and dual noise suppression microphones.

Download the VM780 Data Sheet

Body Cam Hytera VM780

Continuous 1080p HD Video Recording

The VM780 features MP4/1080p wide-angle video recording with a 216 degree rotatable camera for flexible hand-held or uniform-attached operation.

Pre and Post recording video buffer captures events for up to 30 seconds before/after the user turns the video recording on/off for capturing evidence.

Records up to 8 hours of continuous video recording with long life Li-Ion batteries. The battery is detachable for carrying spares.

Body Camera Hytera VM780

Download the VM780 Bodycam Data Sheet

Bodycam with Night Vision

The VM780 is a wearable camera with automatic night vision that ensures that the bodycam captures clear video in dark and low-light environments.

Night V Ision

Key Features

  • High resolution 16 Megapixel images and mp4/1080p video recording
  • 216-degree rotatable wide-angle camera for flexible hand-held or uniform-attached operation
  • Stream real-time HD video over cellular or Wi-Fi networks or record directly to the device
  • Automatic Night Vision to capture images in low-light or darkness
  • Pre and post-recording video buffer captures events for up to 30 seconds before/after the user turns on/off video recording
  • Emergency button initiates video recording and triggers alarms to dispatch
  • Supports instant Push-to-Talk voice and video group calls between dispatch and other POC devices
  • Rugged to MIL-STD 810G shock standards, and IP68 rated for dust and submerged water protection
  • High-capacity 3500mAh Li-Ion battery provides more up to 8 hours of continuous video recording
  • Built-in GPS enables nationwide dispatching and location tracking
  • Watermark stamping on photos or videos can include Date and Time, Device ID, or User ID
  • Includes a rugged uniform mounting clip

Stream and Record Video

Video can be streamed real-time back to dispatch over cellular LTE or Wi-Fi networks for nationwide monitoring of events or video can be recorded directly on the device for downloading at the end of shift. The VM780 Body Cam features H.265 high-efficiency video compression technology to reduce data plan costs and AES256 advanced encryption to protect all captured evidence (images, audio, and video) during transmission or in local storage.

Video Download and Storage Systems

The Hytera VM780 body cam features combination charging contacts and data ports. This enables simultaneous charging and video downloading using the multi-unit charger docking stations.

For example, a security guard staff can place the bodycams in the chargers at the end of shift and the video is automatically downloaded to a computer with digital storage that is controlled by Hytera's Integrated Device Station video management software application.

In addition to a single-site standalone collection system, video can also be automatically uploaded to the cloud, where a web-based video management application is used to organize vast amounts of video files. Both single-site and cloud-based storage solutions support chain of evidence handling procedures.

Hytera Integrated Device Station Video Collection Storage and Management

Free PoC White Paper

Download the White Paper "The Poc Ecosystem: Push-to-Talk over Cellular, Wi-Fi, and Unified Platforms" and learn about voice and video communications over PoC and Wi-Fi networks.

Hytera HALO Dispatch

Hytera HALO Dispatch is a powerful web-based PoC communication and dispatch application that provides instant nationwide group voice and video calling and GPS location tracking. HALO Dispatch supports video conferencing, pushing video to users, or pulling video from their devices.

Body Camera Hytera HALO Dispatch

VM780 Body Camera Target Market

The VM780 Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) body cam is purpose-built for organizations that require voice and video communications with nationwide coverage, ruggedized devices with long battery life, and safety features to protect workers.


The VM780 is ideal for the security industry with continuous HD video recording to capture evidence in the field and improve situational awareness. It features automatic Pre and Post-event recording, and video evidence storage and management software that follows chain of evidence procedures.

Construction, Manufacturing, and Process Control

The VM780 body worn cameras also facilitate fast problem solving and informed decision making for contractors and facility operators. With PoC bodycams workers can share video with dispatching applications that enable supervisors to see live situations and provide guidance without a trip to the remote location.

Body Camera Security Construction

Hytera HALO Nationwide

The VM780 can be deployed on the Hytera HALO Nationwide Push-to-Talk Over Cellular (PoC) radio network that utilizes 3G/4G/LTE cellular infrastructure to deliver nationwide coverage and bandwidth for voice, data, and video communications. Hytera HALO Nationwide includes the powerful web-based Hytera HALO Dispatch application.

Halo nationwide

Hytera HALO OnSite

Hytera HALO OnSite is a single-site or multi-site Push-to-Talk over Wi-Fi radio system that uses the existing Wi-Fi network in a large building, facility, or campus to provide instant group voice and video calling. Hytera HALO OnSite includes the Hytera HALO Dispatch application.

Halo Onsite

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