New H-Series DMR Radios

The Hytera H-Series is a new DMR product family that is built from the ground up on an entirely new technology platform.

It is the first of its kind in the industry when it comes to functionality, user experience, and ruggedness. With all the patented technologies and the testing it has undergone, the H-Series is positioned to deliver a higher level of excellence in the market.

The H-Series radios empower employees in security, education, customer service, and severe working environments with efficient and reliable communications.

Hytera is the Leader in DMR Technology

Hytera was a founding member of the DMR Association and was the first company to successfully deploy DMR Tier II and Tier III systems. Since then, Hytera has been a leading provider of DMR radios and systems, and has continuously improved products based on customer feedback.

The Hytera H-Series of radios and repeater systems is the culmination of this experience and spirit of innovation. The H-Series of DMR product family is the next-generation in creative style and functionality that elevates the industry standard in professional radio communications.

H Series DMR Radio SQ

The H-Series is the New Standard in Quality and Performance

Louder and Clearer Audio

Large speakers provide up to 93dB of loudness, and AI-based voice enhancement with deep learning ability that can accurately extract voice from noise in real time.

Lighter and Thinner

H-Series handheld radios have an optimized mechanical design, advanced materials, and lightweight lithium polymer batteries. HP7 radios weigh less than 11 ounces, and HP6 radios weigh less than 10 ounces.

Higher Level of Ruggedness

The HP782 and HP702 handheld radios are IP68 and MIL-STD- 810 G compliant. They are dustproof, submersible to a depth of 2 meters for 4 hours, and withstand multiple drop shock tests at 2 meters. The HP602 and HP682 are IP67 rated. H-Series handheld radios also feature an anti-magnetic speaker that does not attract magnetic metal dust and shavings.

Longer Battery Life

The latest in lithium polymer technology is used to power the H-Series handheld radios. The battery is light and small, achieving a shift life of up to 24 hours on high transmit power with a duty cycle of 5/5/90.

Extended Coverage

The H-Series extends radio range through increased Tx power, Rx sensitivity, improved antenna gain, and reduced attenuation. This produces a 25% increase in coverage distance and signal penetration through buildings to improve efficiency and reduces costs.

Enhanced Worker Safety

The H-Series is designed for worker safety with an emergency button, emergency calling, and priority interrupt. Lone Worker prompts the user to press a key or speak to indicate they are safe. Man Down allows the radio to automatically enter emergency mode when the radio is inclined at a pre-set angle or remains motionless.

Multi-System Operation

H-Series radios can be deployed on Analog and Digital Conventional, MPT and XPT Trunking, DMR Tier II Trunking, IP Multi-Site Connect, and DMR Simulcast Systems. HP702, HP782, and HM782 radios can be deployed on DMR Tier III systems.

GPS and Other Features

H-Series radios support optional GPS for dispatching applications, optional advanced encryption, and Bluetooth for wireless accessories

Discover how H-Series Radios can Empower your Organization

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HP7 Two-Way DMR Radios

The HP702 and HP782 are Hytera's top-of-the-line DMR handheld radios. The HP7 radios present the future of style functionality by providing loud and clear audio, long battery life, and remarkable ruggedness for ease of use and reliability across multiple environments and industries.

  • AI-Based Noise Cancellation
  • IP68 and MIL-STD 810G
  • 24 Hour Battery Life
  • Extended Range
  • One Line OLED display screen (HP702)
  • 2.4" TFT-LCD screen and full keypad (HP782)

Visit the HP702 Product Page

Visit the HP782 Product Page

Download the HP7 Data Sheet

H Series HP7 DMR Two Way Radio SQ

HP7 Intrinsically Safe Radios

The HP782 UL913 and HP702 UL913 are Intrinsically Safe radios for industrial, energy production, and mining environments. They are Class I, II, and III UL913 certified for use in areas where flammable dust and vapors are present.

  • AI-Based Noise Cancellation
  • UL913, IP68, and MIL-STD 810G Certified
  • 24+ Hour Battery Life
  • Extended Range
  • One Line OLED display screen (HP702 UL913)
  • 2.4" TFT-LCD screen and full keypad (HP782 UL913)

Visit the HP702 UL913 Product Page

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Download the HP7 UL913 Data Sheet

H Series HP7 UL913 Intrinsically Safe Two Way Radio SQ

HP6 Two-Way DMR Radios

The HP602 and HP682 are Hytera's smaller and more cost-effective H-Series handheld radios. The HP6 radios provide unparalleled value with loud and clear audio, long battery life, and remarkable ruggedness.

  • AI-Based Noise Cancellation
  • IP67 and MIL-STD 810G
  • 20 Hour Battery Life
  • Extended Range
  • One Line OLED display screen (HP602)
  • 1.8" TFT-LCD screen and full keypad (HP682)

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Download the HP6 Data Sheet

H Series HP6 DMR Two Way Radio SQ

HP782 DMR Mobile Radios

The HM782 is the next generation of professional digital mobile radio providing greater flexibility and scalability. The HM782 also functions as a compact gateway and supports several operating modes that connect different radio networks, provide wireless links between repeaters, and wireless data transmission.

  • AI-Based Noise Cancellation
  • IP54 and MIL-STD 810G
  • Extended Range
  • 2.4" TFT-LCD screen
  • Raised ergonomic keys and buttons

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Download the HM782 Data Sheet

H Series HM782 DMR Mobile Radio SQ

HR1062 Repeater

Based on rich industry experience, customer feedback and technological evolution, Hytera has launched the HR1062 DMR Repeater. This 1U repeater is half the size of its predecessor and comes with an integrated AC and DC power inputs.

  • 64 Channels
  • Compact 1U Form Factor
  • AC/DC auto power switching
  • Extended Range
  • AI-Based Noise Cancellation
  • 100% continuous duty cycle
  • Two Accessory Ports
  • Supports two simultaneous voice paths in digital mode

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Download the HR1062 Data Sheet

H Series HR0162 DMR Repeater SQ

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