When every hotel claims that customer experience is the top priority, there are many different facets involved in making this a reality. Technologies play an increasingly important role, and communications technology is pivotal. Hytera's one-stop, push-to-talk, collaboration solution has been facilitating hotels in improving their ability to provide the best customer experience.

Provide a Better Customer Experience, even before Check-In

The customer experience starts before customers even reach your property. Shuttle drivers, receptionists, cleaning staff and concierge rely on clear communication when performing their jobs and when working as a team.

Push-to-talk (PTT) technology ensures group voice calls are instantly connected, while versatile software can bring team collaboration to a whole new level. Hytera offers various dispatch software customizable to your hotel's choice of traditional PTT solution; such as Digital Mobile Radio, Push-to-talk over Cellular (PoC), over even a combination of both. With such powerful tools, the manager on duty can make sure operations run smoothly, and get constant status updates in real-time. Thanks to the flexible grouping features, different staff can talk within their workgroups, which allows them to focus on their tasks without being distracted by irrelevant calls. Hytera DMR radios are well known for their versatility and ergonomic design. Combined with the right accessories, Hytera's lightweight and rugged two-way radios ensure reliable and discreet communication across all teams.

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Full Connectivity without Scarring Investment

When IT managers talk about communications and connectivity, coverage is always at the top of their list. Two essential factors are a must when considering communication solutions. First, the size and structure of the property; second, the cost. Luxury hotels in America on average have 15 floors, and upper-upscale hotels have an average of 12*. A lot of them have sizeable multi-floor parking lots, and some have big convention spaces, casinos, and theaters. All of these combined can lead to a headache for the IT department. Full coverage of such large and complex buildings is not Mission Impossible. The Hytera DMR solution is versatile and provides different, scalable ways of providing full signal coverage. You can start with a repeater along with dozens of handheld radios, or multiple IP connected repeaters, depending on the challenges you have. Hytera XPT Digital Trunking or DMR Trunking Lite systems have a well-proven record of serving world-leading hospitality and entertainment brands. Another benefit - when you own the system, there are no reoccurring bills from carriers.

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Employee Safety Devices from a Responsible Employer

For many professionals, a reliable communications solution enhances work efficiency and team productivity. The Hytera DMR solution has a full array of built-in safety features, which make the two-way radio a communication tool and ESD at the same time. Just to name some:

Man Down feature will let you know if the radio tilts at a certain angle, indicating a radio user may have fallen over, is unconscious or injured. An alarm is triggered automatically as preset.

Lone Worker feature has a timer which measures inactivity. If the timer goes over your set limit, a warning is issued. If there is no response, the alarm is triggered.

Emergency button on the radio is usually orange and placed at the top of the device. It can be programmed to raise the alarm to the base station or other radios and displays the identity of the person issuing the alert on the radios display.

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The Optimal Solution for Hotels

With 60% of hotels in America acting as small businesses*, the market is eager for solutions that can do the job without stressing the budget. Intuitive and scalable PTT communications technology enables IT executives to build an on-site communication system that is easy to deploy and operate. The safety features of Hytera's push-to-talk, collaboration solution provides another layer of safety for your staff, without additional carrier costs.

*Data from American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA)

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