Canquest Communications (Wireless) Inc. awarded a major CBSA Contracts

Two-Way Radios

Canquest decided to replace its legacy Trunk network with DMR Tier III Pro and DMR Tier II networks based on the success of the beta tests.


Canquest Communications (Wireless) Inc. is pleased to announce it has signed a multi-year, multi-million dollar contracts with CBSA (Canada Border Services Agency). The contracts entail the supply of two-way radio airtime services and communication equipment on the Niagara Frontier for all of CBSA's port and field operations.

Three years ago, Canquest started looking at digital radio solutions for the Niagara Frontier. After extensive due diligence of the available technologies, a beta test was carried out using DMR (Digital Mobile Radio).

What influenced the decision?

  • success of the beta test
  • secure AES 256 encryption
  • multi vendor open architecture
  • road map to LTE
  • well recognized world standard for public safety and critical services
  • graceful degradation, fault tolerant design of the network
  • multi mode user gear
  • features richness of both Tier II, and Tier III
  • software configurable radios
  • affordable terminal equipment
  • size, weight and features of the user gear
  • battery life

Canquest, together with Hytera Canada, undertook to build both networks.

Hytera's Tier III Pro design architecture is well suited for wide area Public Safety service and offers a wide range of features such as Advanced Encryption Standard, Personal Alarm, DWS dispatch, GPS and Station Message Detailed Recording, a road map to LTE (Long Term Evolution). It is highly configurable and manageable, easily expanded, all the while very fault tolerant with its graceful degradation design.

Hytera's Tier II network design is well suited for business and industrial communication needs. It offers a suite of features that are well suited for the B&I marketplace.

Conclusion - DMR technology is flexible, affordable, and powerful.

Canquest’s multi-node DMR III and DMR II networks are completely deployed commissioned and in revenue service. They provide contiguous portable radio service that covers some 25,000 square kilometers. Included in the coverage area is the entire Niagara Peninsula including the South Lake Ontario, North Lake Erie, Welland Canal, Burlington Bay and greater Hamilton area.

Canquest Communications (Wireless) Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Canquest Communications (Canada) Inc. It is engaged in operating networks that provide a variety of Telecom services to its customers.

Hytera Communications Corporation Limited is a world leading solution provider of Professional Mobile Radio communications. Hytera is dedicated to offering customized and complete professional communications solutions to government, public safety, utility, transportation, enterprises and business.

2 April 2017