What is Push to Talk over Wi-Fi?

What is Push-to-Talk over Wi-Fi Radio Communications, and How Does It Work?


What is Push to Talk over Wi-Fi?

Push to Talk over Cellular (PoC) devices also support Wi-Fi connectivity. This enables instant group voice and video calling in a large building, facility, entertainment complex, or campus with Wi-Fi network connectivity. Wi-Fi is nearly ubiquitous in all buildings and facilities, providing a wide-open opportunity for companies looking to leverage their existing investment in Wi-Fi infrastructure.

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Push to talk (PTT) over Wi-Fi uses the existing Wi-Fi network and access points throughout a facility. The first step in a PTT over Wi-Fi deployment is to conduct a site-wide bandwidth audit to ensure there is enough coverage for the whole facility. Then a PTT over Wi-Fi a server is installed to provide system connectivity between the Wi-Fi network, the PoC devices, and the dispatch application. The last step is to configure PoC devices with call groups and device functions and distribute them to employees.

A web-based dispatch application is used to initiate group voice and video calls from a single location. Dispatch applications can also utilize the GPS capabilities built into PoC devices to track employee locations throughout a large outdoor facility like a campus or entertainment complex (zoo, theme park, etc.).

Push-to-talk over Wi-Fi is not limited to a single location. Several sites can be connected over an IP Network, (VLAN or VPN) and managed from one or more dispatch applications. For example, a hotel and resort may have several locations with Push-to-talk over Wi-Fi, and they want to have centralized call management and dispatching.

Push-to-talk over Wi-Fi can also be seamlessly integrated with a nationwide PoC network to enable communication with remote and mobile workers. By adding a SIM card, PoC devices can automatically switch to an LTE network when a caller moves outside the Wi-Fi network range.

Push to Talk over Wi-Fi Features and Benefits

Push to Talk over Wi-Fi uses existing Wi-Fi networks, so there is no need to purchase, operate, and maintain any radio infrastructure. This reduces costs and enables rapid deployments. PTT over Wi-Fi, like PoC systems, also eliminates the need for expensive radio frequency licenses, and in many high-density urban areas, there may be no frequency spectrum available.

PTT over Wi-Fi provides deployment flexibility for single-site or wide area coverage. It can be deployed as a single-site radio network, or multiple sites can be connected over an IP Network or VPN. PoC devices also function on nationwide PoC networks with the installation of a SIM card.

PTT over Wi-Fi provides the same instant group calling capabilities as PoC systems, including group video conferencing with devices that feature cameras.

PoC and Push to Talk over Wi-Fi devices

Hytera PoC devices are purpose-built for professional business communications. These compact, rugged, and easy-to-operate handheld devices enable instant group voice and video communications over Wi-Fi and nationwide LTE cellular networks and can automatically switch over to the LTE network when out of Wi-Fi range.

They are rugged with IP ratings (up to IP68) for water submersion and dust resistance and MIL-STD 810G compliant for shock and vibration and feature digital noise suppression and high-volume speakers for excellent voice quality in loud environments. They also feature powerful Lithium-Ion Polymer batteries for guaranteed operation over long shifts.

Hytera PoC radios, bodycams, and smartphones are feature-rich with high-resolution LCD displays, prominent PTT buttons, built-in GPS for dispatch applications, Bluetooth, and cameras for video conferencing and sending images.

The PNC370 PoC Radio is a compact, rugged, and easy-to-use handheld PoC device. The PNC380S PoC Radio is AT&T Network Ready and features an optional car kit for safe us in vehicles.

The VM780 Body Worn Camera integrates a bodycam with PoC voice communications to capture, store, and share video, audio, and images in the field.

The PNC550 PoC Smartphone combines the advantages of a smartphone with the ruggedness, audio quality, and instant PTT group calling of a professional PoC device.

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3 December 2020