Hytera communications products are manufactured to the highest quality standards, and this quality is backed by our comprehensive product warranty. Hytera DMR radios are covered by a 3 year warranty against defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service, and all other Hytera PoC, LTE, Multimode, and HYT analog radios are covered by a 2 year warranty. Hytera Bodycams are covered by a 1 year warranty. All Hytera radio accessories are also covered by a 1 year warranty. Extended warranties are also available for additional protection periods.

Please download the Hytera Warranty Statement for complete terms and conditions.

Technical Support

Hytera products are sold through authorized dealers who support the products they sell. Please contact your Hytera dealer for technical support.

Contact Hytera technical support via email.

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Technical Resources and Articles

Visit the Hytera Resources Page for Radio How-To Articles, Radio Tech Articles, FAQs, Videos, and a Glossary of Radio Terminology.

The following Hytera product lines and product model numbers are at end of life and are no longer sold. Accessories for these products are still available and can be found on the Accessories web page. Contact Hytera or your Authorized Hytera Dealer for possible remaining inventory.

Product Lines No Longer Manufactured by Hytera

All model numbers within the following product lines are discontinued and no longer for sale.

Product LineDescriptionData


Entry-level DMR RadioLinkLinkPD362i
PD412iDMR Handheld RadioLinkLinkPD402i or PD482i
MD652iDMR Mobile RadioLinkLinkMD782i
MD782i-FDDMR Full-Duplex Mobile RadioN/AN/AMD782i*
X1pi UL913Discreet Intrinsically Safe DMR Radio



Any UL913 IS Product
TC-580Analog Mobile RadioLinkN/ABD502i or BD552i
TC-610Analog Mobile RadioLinkN/ABD502i or BD552i
TC-700Analog Mobile RadioLinkN/ABD502i or BD552i
TC-700 ExIntrinsically Safe Analog RadioN/AN/APD712i Ex, PD792i Ex
TM-600Analog Mobile RadioLinkN/AMD622i
TM-610Analog Mobile RadioLinkN/AMD622i
TM-628HAnalog Mobile RadioLinkN/AMD622i
RD622iDMR RepeaterLinkLinkRD982i or RD982i-S
RD962iDMR RepeaterLinkLinkN/A

*Does not support full duplex

Product Model Frequencies No Longer Manufactured by Hytera

The following model numbers and frequency ranges are discontinued and no longer for sale. Other model numbers and frequency ranges are still available within these product lines.

Model NumberDiscontinued FrequenciesReplacement
MD782i-G-U5UHF 866-941MHzN/A
PD702i-G-U2UHF 450-520MHzPD982i
PD702i-G-U5UHF 806-941MHzPD982i
PD752i-U2UHF 450-520MHzPD982i
PD782i-G-U2UHF 450-520MHzPD982i
PD782i-G-U5UHF 806-941MHzPD982i
PD702i-G-U2-UL913UHF 450-520MHzPD982i UL913
PD702i-G-U5-UL913UHF 806-941MHzPD982i UL913
PD782i-G-UL5-UL913UHF 806-941MHzPD982i UL913
PD702i-G-U5-UL913UHF 806-941MHzPD982i UL913
PD782i-G-UL5-UL913UHF 806-941MHzPD982i UL913
PD702i-G-U5-UL913UHF 806-941MHzPD982i UL913
TC-508V2VHF 146-174MHzPD402i or BD502i

Product Accessories No Longer Manufactured by Hytera

BP2504Li-ion Polymer Battery(2500mAh)VM780BP3501
CH40L02Smart Charger for Li-ion Battery (4A)PDC760CH20L08
MCL20Multi-unit Charger for Li-ion Battery(2A)PD4/5/6/7/9iMCL32
POA112PD36X wireless-charge battery coverPD362iCH10L24
POA113PD362i Wireless Charger kitPD362iCH10L24
PV3001(P)Backpack Power Supply – RD962i batteryRD962iNone
PV1002Vehicle Power Adapter with USB micro connectorPD362i
POA38PD782i - BATTERY ADAPTER PD782i for the MCA05 battery optimizing systemPD782iNone
PS2032US-standard power adapter, 5V 2A (Type-C connector)PNC550PS2023
PS2011US-standard power adapter, 12V/2A (male connector)PD7/9iPS1014
CK05-SX1Pi simple version Car-kitX1PiCK05
EHS09-AEarpiece with in-Line MIC (with VOX capability)TC320EHS12-A
EHN07D-Earpiece with In-Line MicrophoneTC780/TC700PNone
SM13N5Remote Speaker MicrophoneTC780/TC700PNone
SM18N15Remote Speaker Microphone with patrol featurePD982iSM18N5
BC17Belt ClipPT580BC12
BC26Carrying ClipPD662i/682iBC22
PC21(DJ45 to DB26) Programming Cable (COM port)TM-
POA188Protective Film (Stalinite)PNC550Protective Film
POA168Screen Protector (Tempered Glass)PDC760POA169
DT01Duplexer kitTR-800/RD622None
DT03Duplexer KitTR-800/RD622None
BRK22Duplexer Mounting BracketRD622iBRK23