DMR DS-6210 Trunking Pro

Field Proven Reliability

Hytera DS-6210 DMR Trunking Pro, developed from the ETSI DMR open standard, is an IP-based Digital Trunked System Infrastructure specifically designed to provide mission critical voice, dispatching and management capacity across various geographic areas. With all-IP architecture, centralized networking and modular design, the system delivers high spectrum efficiency, wide coverage, flexible networking, cost effective and high security. It can be deployed for different network scale, from a single-site network to a nationwide network.

The Hytera DMR Trunking Pro System Structure

The Hytera DMR Trunking Pro system consists of a base station, subscribers, bearer network, and mobile switching office (MSO). One MSO supports up to 256 base stations, 2048 carriers. A single base station supports up to 16 carriers.

Multiple MSOs can interconnect with each other via IP bearer network so as to build a large scale network

DMR DS 6210 Trunking Pro

Benefits of Hytera DMR trunking

    Registration/deregistration/periodic registration, handover/roaming, subscriber area restriction,control channel reselection, etc. Data services: text message, GPS data polling, status message, emergency alarm, etc. Advanced services: late entry, ambiance listening, discreet listening, interrupt/override, dynamic group number assignment, voice recording, remote monitor, include call, supergroup call, OTAP, Vote now, Group patching, etc. Voice services: individual call, group call, emergency call, broadcast call, all call, dispatcher call, PSTN call, MPT call, DMR conventional call, analog conventional call, full-duplex individual call, etc. Security services: ESN check, authentication, stun/revive, kill, end-to-end encryption, etc. Providing AIS and API for further development, such as customized dispatchers, billing systems, etc. Multiple dialing scheme: DMR dial scheme, MPT1343 dial scheme, CPS-P3 dial scheme.
    Modularized design and multi-level fault-tolerant capability for enhanced reliability and efficiency. MSO supports local and geography redundancy mechanism. When one fails, the other one can take over its services immediately. Interference monitoring and link detection features guarantee the high performance of the system. Redundancy capability for key hardware components such as base station control unit, trunking main control channel and power supply unit. Registration/deregistration/periodic registration, handover/roaming, subscriber area restriction,control channel reselection, etc.
    Fully Compliant with DMR Tier 3 technology, which has numerous advantages over other technologies. Non-linear amplifier. Innovative triple-diversity receiving technology with 3-5dB gain.
    The Client/Server structure ensures networking and expanding capabilities, GPS visual dispatching system, intuitive user interface, and more.
    2-Slot TDMA technology. DMR trunking simulcast feature enables the same frequency to be used for the whole network.

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