DVRS Voice Recorder

Log, analyze and archive your data

DVRS (Digital Voice Recording System) is a professional voice recording solution from Hytera for Tier III DMR trunked systems and Hytera HALO Push-to-Talk systems. The DVRS records several radio calls simultaneously, logging and retaining the data for future analysis. The DVRS can also provide a continuous back-up for all short messages, ensuring your radio system has a comprehensive archive of information.

Recording in high voice quality

The integrated DMR vocoder ensures that all calls are saved with the usual DMR quality. All the recordings can be exported as required to any server or system for archiving.

DMR DVRS inline
    DVRS permits flexible access over an Internet browser to data stored centrally. This allows access to the recordings by authorized individuals wherever they are, whenever it is required.
    To ensure that your recordings are secure, all users must log on to the DVRS client using a secure user name and password. The web service can be installed on separate server hardware to provide additional security for those wishing to access the application over the Internet.
    The DVRS server can be redundantly operated to further improve system stability. While the primary server is active, the recordings are stored on the hard disks of the standby server. If the primary server malfunctions, the system switches automatically to the backup server. Each DVRS server is also equipped with its own hard disk RAID system to ensure data is always backed-up.
    DVRS provides an intuitive interface for searching and playing back recordings. To be able to navigate through a large number of recordings and messages, the DVRS offers extremely detailed and extensive filter functions. The user can locate the required call quickly, with the system offering immediate playback. You can also create your own playlists of recordings, e.g. to create a communication history over several calls.
    The DVRS server provides comprehensive support for data analysis. You can, for example, display various call types across the entire system or just those relating to a specific base station. In addition to the data analysis, server hardware utilization and network connection status are also displayed to allow the user to easily manage the operation.

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