Hytera HALO OnSite

Customer Owned Push-to-Talk over Cellular and Wi-Fi System

Hytera HALO OnSite and HALO OnSite Plus are own-your-own Push to Talk over Cellular (PoC) controllers that enable single-site and nationwide group calling. Hytera OnSite and OnSite PoC controllers are network appliances that enable reliable and private voice, video, and text communications.

Hytera PoC radios and bodycams are IoT devices (essentially handheld VoIP phones) that access the Hytera HALO OnSite PoC controller through nationwide mobile operator 4G/LTE networks using a SIM card, or existing Wi-Fi network infrastructure in a building, facility, or campus.

Own Your Own PoC Radio System with HALO OnSite and OnSite Plus

  • Quickly deploy your own PoC radio system with unlimited channels and nationwide coverage
  • HALO OnSite costs much less than traditional two-way radio systems
  • Wi-Fi and 4G/LTE network connectivity for flexible deployments
  • Scalable to grow with your business or organization
  • OnSite Plus adds dispatching and video calling capabilities with unlimited users

Download the HALO OnSite and OnSite Plus Data Sheet

HALO OnSite Features

    Hytera HALO OnSite PoC controllers enable local and nationwide radio communications with minimal up-front cost. Costs much less than traditional two-way radio networks because there is no need for repeaters and antennas, or FCC frequency licenses.
    Since the Wi-Fi and 4G/LTE network infrastructure already exists, the Hytera HALO OnSite system can be deployed very quickly with a simple PoC controller installation.
    Hytera HALO OnSite and OnSite Plut can be deployed as single-site Wi-Fi radio networks, multi-site Wi-Fi networks connected by an IP network or VPN, and enhanced with nationwide 4G/LTE network access for users outside of Wi-Fi coverage.
    HALO OnSite is scalable to grow with your organization. Hytera PoC devices can be quickly added to HALO OnSite to scale from a small group to hundreds of users with unlimited channels and calling capacity.
    Supports instant group calling and full duplex calling (both users can speak at the same time) calls between individuals. Users can communicate with each other with free-form texting or predefined text messages.
    HALO OnSite and Hytera PoC devices support sending and receiving Emergency Alarms for enhanced worker safety.
    Users can communicate with each other and dispatch with free-form or pre-programmed text messages.
    Enables location tracking in large outdoor facilities to coordinate jobs efficiently and quickly respond to problems with the closest employees.
    Run HALO Dispatch on a standard web browser for unlimited simultaneous users.
    Features Emergency Alarms and Lone Worker monitoring for enhanced safety.

HALO OnSite Plus Features

HALO OnSite Plus supports all the features of HALO OnSite, and adds the following capabilities:

    Hytera HALO Dispatch is a web-based browser application that is available with HALO OnSite Plus using the HALO Dispatch controller. HALO Dispatch provides and flexible group calling and leverages the built-in GPS capabilities in Hytera PoC devices to provide location tracking.

    HALO Dispatch can remotely monitor audio and video during emergency situations. HALO Dispatch can also stun (disable) and revive (turn on) remote radios that are lost or stolen.

    HALO OnSite Plus is scalable to support an unlimited number of PoC users.
    HALO OnSite Plus supports group and individual video calling with real-time HD video between PoC devices and the HALO Dispatch application.

Free PoC White Paper

Download the Push-to-Talk over Cellular White Paper and learn more about customer owned PoC systems and subscription based PoC services

HALO OnSite Controllers

There are two different Hytera HALO OnSite PoC controllers.

HALO OnSite is a low-cost, entry-level system. HALO OnSite supports Wi-Fi and 4G/LTE network access, up to 200 users, group voice calling, and text messaging.

HALO OnSite Plus supports the all the features of HALO OnSite and supports an unlimited number of users. HALO OnSite Plus also adds HALO Dispatch, a web-based location tracking and group calling dispatch application (which requires a HALO Dispatch controller). HALO OnSite Plus also supports user-initiated video calls using video-capable PoC devices.

On Site and On Site Plus Po C Controllers

HALO OnSite Plus Application

This diagram illustrates how Hytera PoC devices access the Hytera HALO OnSite Plus PoC controller using Wi-Fi and cellular 4G/LTE networks. The PoC devices on the Wi-Fi network use the existing wireless network of the facility to access the PoC controller. Note that a Wi-Fi coverage survey must be conducted to ensure sufficient coverage throughout the facility. The Hytera PoC devices on the nationwide 4G/LTE network use SIM cards with data plans to access the cellular network, which connects to the internet through a network gateway. The PoC controller accesses the internet through the customer’s network router.

On Site Plus Po C Application

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