PD982 Recording Manager

Managing communications on the PD982

This simple-to-use application manages the information captured on the Micro-SD card of the Hytera PD982 DMR handheld radio (licensed option), ensuring that any transmission can be logged, played-back and archived after the event.

Just plug the Micro-SD in to your PC card slot and start the PD982 Recording Manager application to begin your import. You can then quickly search, filter and play back voice recordings before exporting the required files or saving to archive, freeing up the space on the Micro-SD card again.

Simple Navigation

Easily select your language, import your recordings and view the files, with an intuitive menu.

Filter and Search

Filter the various options including call or record type, or search through date, time or call ID to quickly locate recording files for analysis.

Quick playback

Queue a number of files for sequential playback or simply double-click the recording file for instant playback.


Save, rename and export the recordings that you want to archive.

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