Professional management of your DMR conventional or XPT radio network

Developed in accordance with the digital ETSI radio standard DMR, the Hytera SmartXPT application is designed as an efficient communication and support tool to manage and direct of all your DMR conventional Tier II and XPT radio subscribers. With its client-server architecture, its modular design and its Voice-over-IP support (VoIP), Hytera SmartXPT offers you the latest dispatching features in one software solution. If you're looking to upgrade to the latest dispatching solution, speak with a Hytera Partner today and maximize your communication potential.

Flexible system deployment

The Hytera SmartXPT application is not a single module, but a group of components that can be built up to a system, based on subscriber size, topology and coverage requirements. It can be configured as a small single-site system, up to a large multi-site, cross-country network system. All configurations can easily be managed through a remote configuration tool.

Smart XPT Map

Benefits of Hytera SmartXPT

    Voice calls that meet various dispatching operational needs including private call, group call, and all call. Every client console is able to send up to 8 voice dispatching channels. Through these dispatching channels, the system can receive all types of calls, as well as trigger any type of call through a user-friendly and easy-to-operate interface.


    Enabled with SIP standard protocol to integrate with standard IP-PBX for voice interconnection between radios and PSTN public phone network. This allows the dispatcher to make or receive calls through the dispatcher client console and for the radios to make calls to telephones and vice versa.


    The dispatcher calls terminals displayed on the map, measuring the distance and space and also saving the map interface. When logging into the system, the GPS can automatically open the previously saved map interface.

    Allows users to patch talk groups, channels, sites, and systems together so there is seamless communication between all radio users. Once the communication link is established all radios operate together regardless of frequency or mode (analog or digital). All these configurations can be easily configured through the Hytera SmartXPT System dispatcher console.

    When Hytera SmartXPT System clients logout, clients will remember the status of radios such as check online and tracking. Once the clients log in again, it will automatically recover the status of radios from when the client last logged out.

    Users can define regions on the map as working regions or restricted regions for a predefined set of radios. This can also be enabled in each region. Once the geofencing rule is infringed (based on whether the region is a working region or restricted region) by any of the predefined set of radios, a geofencing alarm will be activated in the control center and optionally a message will be sent to the subscriber unit.

    Permite a los usuarios asociar grupos de conversación, canales, sitios y sistemas para proporcionar una comunicación fluida entre todos los usuarios. Una vez que se establece el enlace de comunicación, todas las radios operan juntas independientemente de la frecuencia o modo (analógico o digital). Esto se puede configurar fácilmente a través de la consola de despacho del sistema SmartXPT de Hytera.
    When there is a number of mobile radios or workgroups to add, an Excel file can be generated by inputting all information about the mobile terminals or workgroups and then imported into the system to improve efficiency. The user can also export information about the existing mobile terminals or workgroups as Excel files from the system.

Versatile SmartXPT functions

In addition to linking mobile radios, repeaters can also be added via IP in order to use the system as a radio dispatcher. This delivers an IP dispatching system, enabling network-wide voice recording and direct control of the repeater time slots.

Users have the option to choose their own preferable mapping engines based on their specific usage requirements. These mapping engines include; Google Maps, MapInfo, Google Offline Map, etc.

Multiple levels of access privileges can be defined by users for careful access control. Based on each customer’s needs, each access level can be assigned to selected radio units, or the entire fleet, and can also be assigned to specific sites or any site in the system.

The Hytera SmartXPT System console supports multiple views and screen splitting across displays so that all the information you require can be seen at a glance. This feature avoids dispatcher users having to switch between different views during their operation.

Hytera SmartXPT System is ideal for global customers as the application supports multiple languages. The display language can be switched easily from the dispatcher console interface without needing to reboot the application.

Compared to most GPRS-based solutions, Hytera Smart XPT relies on the DMR communication network for GPS location instead of the GPRS protocol. That means there is no recurring monthly fee for data.

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