Digital Trunked Communication Network

The DIB-R5 base station family is a constituent of the TETRA mobile radio system ACCESSNET-T IP and ensures the powerful and reliable mobile radio coverage across a specific area. Supporting both TETRA Release 2 and TETRA Enhanced Data Service (TEDS), the DIB-R5 base station is as an attractive critical communication solution for any environment where availability and comms speed are key priorities.

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Capacidad de Servicios TETRA de Datos Mejorados (TEDS)

ACCESSNET®-T IP supports integrated voice and data services. Many mission-critical data applications are already in use globally thanks to ACCESSNET®-T IP. TEDS are your answer to delivering data-demanding applications and are fully supported by the DIB-R5 family. The DIB-R5 is rated for a channel bandwidth of up to 150 kHz to support high data rates. The DIB-R5 Channel Units (transceivers) can be configured to support both TETRA 1 PSK voice modulation and TETRA 2 QAM for TEDS. This simplifies the handling of spare parts and enables a post-TEDS upgrade.

DIB R5 14

Versatile Functions of the DIB-R5 TETRA

RF performance

The DIB-R5 supports 3-way receiver diversity (Rx) and high sensitivity to optimize base station radio characteristics, reducing the number of base stations required to cover a given area. Various configurations of RF distribution systems are supported, including the motor-tuned cavity combiner, which allows remote frequency changes.

With its high 25 W PSK output power modulated with the cavity combiner in the antenna connector, reliable coverage is guaranteed. Up to four RF carriers are supported in a rack and up to eight carriers with an extension rack (DIB - R5 advanced).

DIB-R5 Advanced

The advanced DIB-R5 base station has a modular and flexible design. The main components are the Channel Units (transceivers), the Base Station Control Unit, the power supply and the RF filter equipment.

Based on capacity requirements, up to four Channel Units can be located in a rack and up to eight carriers with one rack extension. All components are accessible from the front of the system and are easily replaced. RF and power cables are connected at the top of the cabinet.

The connection to the switch is done via Ethernet / IP or over E1. 48 VDC and 110/230 VAC power supply modules provide flexibility to adapt to any existing environment. Furthermore, the base station is designed to withstand a wide temperature range of -30 ° C to + 55 ° C in situations where the heating or air conditioning of an equipment room is faulty.

DIB-R5 Compact

The compact DIB-R5 is a smaller two-carrier version with an integrated hybrid combiner. By occupying a modest footprint and its ability to fit into a 19 "rack, installation costs are minimized and transportation to site is simplified


If the DIB - R5 is isolated from the rest of the network, it can still provide most of its functions in local backup mode. Security-related features such as over-the-air interface encryption and authentication will still be enabled.

All modules can be duplicated and are hot-swappable. Each base station supports transmission link redundancy and can be connected to two switching nodes. Sites with heavy loads can be equipped with up to four control channels (SCCH) to provide additional capacity for signage, text messages, or location updates.

The DIB-R5 can work with GPS / Galileo / Glonass based synchronization, or without satellite-based synchronization if they are not available. This provides reliable communications even in underground areas or inside buildings without the need for a satellite signal.

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