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Two-Way Digital Mobile Radios

DMR stands for Digital Mobile Radio - an open digital radio standard. DMR has received global recognition as a technology that combines voice, data, features and applications.

Thanks to the DMR standard, Hytera DMR radios work with any other compliant system. But what sets Hytera apart is the breadth of range and feature set across our DMR radios. From the light, compact BD3i series - designed for ease of use in indoor environments - to the impermeable, explosion-proof PD792i-Ex - there's a radio for everyone. We're connecting people everywhere - improving safety and productivity along the way.

Built for the real world

Easy to use

From the BD3i right up to the PD9i series, our DMR radios are built for the real world - designed for the people using them. They often require minimal training and are intuitive to use.

Stylish and robust

Yes, our DMR radios look good, but they're also built to last. All of our radios take the rough with the smooth, helping you communicate wherever you go.

PD70 X 70 XG 4

Typical DMR functions

Created with Sketch. Dual Mode

Ensure a smooth transition from analog to digital with dual mode functionality.

Created with Sketch. Noise Cancellation

Be heard anywhere with background noise cancellation, ensuring clarity wherever you go.

Created with Sketch. Text Messaging

Text messaging functionality with a one-touch feature for pre-programmed text messages and voice calls.

Created with Sketch. Versatile Voice Calls

Make the right call - individual, group or broadcast on all digital channels.

Created with Sketch. Safety features

Stay safe at all times with Lone Worker, Man Down, Emergency Alarm and GPS positioning features.

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